Please note, all pricing shown in this document is for unprinted goods. For printed goods, the associated printing cost, screen usage, and applicable PMS color match charges must be added to the unprinted item cost. “” and “Made in the U.S.A” may be printed on items produced. As the production times shown are based on our normal factory schedules, please contact us prior to ordering to determine production scheduling for your order. Pricing subject to change.


All pricing shown is US currency and subject to change without notice. Please contact us for confirmed pricing and lead times. We cannot be responsible for incorrect information found on 3rd party databases, websites, flyers or catalogs.


We prefer vector art for uploaded graphics. Spot and PMS colors, including white, should be specifically identified. All fonts must be included in the file. To prevent conflict, it is recommended to outline all fonts. 4 color process art should be 300dpi and can be in PDF, JPG, or PSD. All images should include the required bleed if necessary.

Templates are available, please contact us. Artwork can be supplied on any removable media or sent via email to Due to the curvature of our products, artwork will often appear distorted on the imprinted item. Corrective artwork distortion is done by our graphics department to computer generated artwork. Artwork design is available if needed at current hourly rates ($60.00/hr). Virtual proofs sent via email available at no charge.

Standard Print Colors


All new accounts require full payment in advance of order production, per company policy. MasterCard or Visa accepted at time of order placement. Net 30 day open credit terms (from date of shipment) are available to established customer accounts in good standing. Please call to inquire about your company’s credit limit. (Sorry, credit cards cannot be accepted when credit terms have been extended and/or an invoice has been issued). Finance charges of 1.5% per month (annual percentage rate of 18%) will be added to invoices not paid according to terms. All credit terms set forth and detailed in the “Formgraphics Application for Account Credit Terms” forms and agreement.

Order Changes, Corrections or Cancellations

Any changes or corrections of orders, received and acknowledged by the factory, will be made with the understanding that Formgraphics will receive compensation for any order processing or production which has already occurred, starting at $10.00. Cancelled orders are subject to a flat $25.00 charge, plus any and all artwork, screens, materials, or other work completed at the time of cancellation. Printed products are “custom made to order”. All sales of printed product are final. Printed products cannot be returned for refund. Unprinted metal products may be returned with prior authorization from company. Unprinted return products must be adequately packaged, shipped via prepaid freight, and are subject to a minimum restocking charge of 25% of the total order.


Due to the difficulty of manufacturing exact requirements, without sacrificing quality, Formgraphics reserves the right to ship up to 5% over or under customer order quantities. All items are shipped FOB from our Minnesota factory, except galvanized metal tanks (#213ST and #223ST) which are shipped FOB from our Nebraska factory. Multiple location drop shipping, directly from the factory, is available at additional cost (shipping labels provided by customer). Drop shipments available. The first two locations are free of charge, there is a $10.00 charge for any additional locations.

Quantities of product to be drop shipped to multiple locations must be made in standard carton configurations and quantities. Formgraphics cannot be responsible for product quantity discrepancies of orders shipped to any locations other than that of our customer. Special packaging configurations generally are available at additional cost. Items designed as “bulk pack” (without cardboard carton of any type) ship on shrink wrapped pallets via LTL common motor carrier. All ordered merchandise becomes the property of the buyer once the goods leave the factory, and are shipped strictly at buyer’s risk. Formgraphics cannot guarantee on time, in hands delivery dates, or the safe carriage of shipped goods once they leave our factory.

Standard Packaging

Item Dimensions (HxW) Imprint area (HxW) Carton Size (HxW) Packing Weight
155 5.25″X 6.00″ 3.25″ X 3.50″ 12x6x14 24 22
1196 5.00″X 8.00″ 3.50″ X 4.50″ 9x9x17 12 17
1096 7.00″ X 9.00″ 4.50″ X 7.00″ 9x9x31 25 30
1256 8.80″ X 9.75″ 3.00″ X 5.00″ Bulk each 2
1320 9.25″ X 10.25″ 3.25″ X 6.00″ Bulk each 3
1544 9.00″ X 1 3.0″ 3.50″ X 8.00″ Bulk each 3
4344 10.5″ X 20.0″ 3.50″ X 8.00″ Bulk each 4
4760 11 .0″ X 22.0″ 4.00″ X 12.00″ Bulk each 5
4912 11.0″ X 24.0″ 4.00″ X 14.00″ Bulk each 6
EC04 1.75″ X 2.50″ 0.75″ X 1.75″ 18x12x16 96 60
EC12 3.00″ X 3.00″ 1.75″ X 2.12″ 18x12x16 72 48
EC18 3.50″ X 3.50″ 2.12″ x 2.50″ 18x12x16 60 54
217 5.25″ X 3.5″ 3.25″ X 2.50″ 22x13x17 36 21
212 4.00″ X 3.50″ 2.50″ X 2.50″ 19x15x13 60 23
206 4.25″ X 3.75″ 2.50″ X 2.50″ 20x11x11 100 38

Damaged Merchandise

Although we take every precaution in the adequate packaging of our products, Formgraphics cannot guarantee that your order will not be damaged while in transit. It is your responsibility to inspect your order shipment immediately upon delivery. Any and all visible damage must be reported to the carrier at the time of delivery signature and acceptance. Concealed damage must be reported to Formgraphics customer service, or the appropriate carrier, immediately. In every event of product damage, you must retain all original packaging material, along with the damaged goods, until such time as you are advised of their disposition. Damaged product reports not submitted to the applicable carrier of the goods, within 15 calendar days of original shipment date, will not be honored.

Patents and Copyrights

All copy or other graphics submitted by the customer, for use by the factory in producing items ordered, whether or not artwork by the factory is required therewith, will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, right of privacy, patent, or similar protection. The customer, by submitting such copy or other graphics, represents that the use thereof by the factory on the items ordered will not violate any such laws, and the factory hereby disclaims any and all liability for harmless to any damages, cost and/or expenses when they arise under any or all such laws as a consequence of the factory’s use of said copy or other material or the operations undertaken by this agreement. A fee may be assessed for requesting to omit “” from the final printed product of 5% of the order. We reserve the right to use all logos, pictures, and graphics in our advertising and displays unless otherwise notified in writing at the time of the order.