Formgraphics can create three dimensional buttons, magnets, business cards, and signs that maximize the impact of your message limited only by your imagination… Give us a challenge…

Custom Embossed Plastic 3D Business Cards, Signs, Buttons & Magnets
Custom 3D Signs Pheasants
Custom 3D Raised Signs

We’ll add dimension to your next campaign.

3D Button

All pricing is by quotation only.

Full form 3-D yields detailed contours and multiple levels. Multi-level 3-D may have three (3) or four (4) different levels. Bi-level 3-D has two levels (1 raised) with a typical thickness (height) of 1/16” – 1/8”. Made in the USA, this exclusive patented process allows exceptionally well detailed duplication of logos, faces, products, scenery and more. Adaptable to any type fastener, including pressure sensitive adhesives, lock pin or magnet. Standard magnetic fasteners are not intended to support large single or multiple sheets of paper. An optional heavy-duty magnet designed for this purpose is available. Clear or white stock material is available in various sizes, printed colors and shapes, and this process can also be applied to indoor plaques or signs. Since all items are custom manufactured to your specifications, all pricing is by quotation only. In order to provide reliable pricing information, we require specific information such as quantity, number of colors, size, fastener type and a detailed description (artwork) of the item to be produced.